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WeiLong (Hong Kong) Essence & spice Co., Ltd.
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WeiLong (Hong Kong) group Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful port city of the south wing of the Yangtze River Delta of China. Ningbo has unique advantages in science and technology information resources and geographical location. Its predecessor was Ningbo economic and Technological Development Zone, Ningbo dragon and fragrance Co., Ltd., which was established in the past. The new Ningbo Weilong flavor and fragrance Co., Ltd. is based on the comprehensive strength of the original company. It has made great progress in product research, quality management, application technology and so on. The company currently employs more than 60 people, producing about 2000 tons of flavors in 2020, including processing.

As a well-known brand in the domestic flavor industry, "Weilong" will change rapidly developing technology to the ever-changing market and better satisfy the needs of customers. It also uses the latest instruments and equipment representing the world's advanced scientific and technological level for new product development and analysis and raw material inspection and analysis. In addition, the company has professional talents with considerable technical level and cooperation with domestic scientific research institutions, which provides good operation guarantee and support for the development of new flavor products and the improvement of quality.

Weilong flavor and fragrance company's sound sales management and unique full range of application processing technology services, can provide timely and effective help according to different customer needs, from the laboratory's technology formulation research until customer on-site technical guidance, we have been committed to the latest technology information research and timely sharing with our customers the results of our research. Jointly develop competitive products. The company has more than 300 customers. Our products are used by domestic well-known brands Wahaha, Huiyuan, Dali and Qiaqia, and some products are sold to Southeast Asia and Africa.

Advanced production equipment and standardized management means are a powerful guarantee for the rapid development of Weilong company. At present, the company has an annual capacity of 5000 tons of flavors, including nearly more than 300 varieties of food flavors, covering many categories such as cold drinks, beverages, sweets, roasting, roasted seeds and nuts, convenience foods, condiments and so on.

The development of Weilong has opened up a new page. Facing the market, we are facing the competition and facing the challenge and making unremitting efforts for "Weilong" to become the first class flavor brand in China.

We keep firmly in mind:
The pursuit of excellence is our mission        Premium services is our commitment        Customer satisfaction is our goal